Star Juggler 0.1.4

After testing the Jam version (0.1.2) I identified and solved some of the biggest issues.

For starters I fixed the bug where waves of enemies stopped coming.
As I expected, this was due to enemies not being destroyed after leaving the screen. What I didn't expect is that it was actually a floating-point error where I set the damage value equal to the enemy's health when one wasn't given, so that it would be killed.
The problem is that floating-point values aren't perfectly accurate so saying LostHealth = Health when Health is equal to 1.0 might actually set it to LostHealth = 1.0000001. Thus failing the Health-LostHealth <= 0.0 test.

Another issues was the Star acting rather crazy after it finished circling, what I did this time was keep it active and simply slow-down, follow by circling behind the initial position and slowly vanish. This gives us the ability to hit enemies behind the ship and gives a far better chance of catching it.

I decreased the Shield/Energy regeneration delay as well as the amount of energy the Star loses when it absorbs bullets.

Just a small update that makes things functional while keeping them fun.


Prototype (0.1.4) : LOWREZJAM'17 663 kB
Jan 03, 2018

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