Star Juggler, a Postmortem

TL;DR: Time is short regardless of the Jams' duration so be prepared as best as you can and make it as easy to play as possible.

it's been a while but I've learned a few things since I finished the Prototype (LOWREZJAM) and Alpha (FFSJAM), so here's a list of lessons

- Have a Jam/post-Jam version (one per big iteration) of the game. This makes it easier to play previous iterations online instead of needing to download a previous version to play it.
- Prepare before the Jam starts. Aside from the theme, what's the base concept, what kind of time period will it focus on? Space-ships were likely to be in the future but I remember taking the first day to plan it out and make the initial sprites. I could've done it before the Jam.
- Avoid working with unknown technology. While it's always good to learn, I had negligible experience and had to learn a lot of things about PhaserJS. Something I could've practiced before the Jam started, extra time is great for adding content/polish.
- Make it Playable Online. I made my games playable online since I started with a Javascript library but one thing I noticed, while trying to rate other games, is that some were too hard/bothersome to get running.

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