Star Juggler (pre-Beta)

After completing the Alpha I started working on the new features for the next version (Beta). The main goal being functionality and lots of polish (visual effects and such).
I started by making a 'Playground' state where I can move the Player and a switchable enemy with the keyboard.
In the following gif you can see it in action.

  • The Player can now go in any direction, but the idea is still to play in "Tilt" mode (no crazy background changes),
  • The background now rotates and goes in the direction opposite to the one that the Player is facing,
  • The hit-box of the enemy is accurate, changing with its rotation (wider ones result from using floating-point numbers for position),
  • A thruster animation was added (behind the Player). I'll eventually add it to enemies too.

Among many other changes I didn't even show (let's call it a surprise). This is getting interesting though, let's see how it turns out.

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