Star Juggler (0.6.0)

Wow, I've been completing many milestones (jumps by 0.1) on this final stretch (FFS submission period will be over soon).
This time I've done the one milestone I've wanted to do since the beginning and, despite the issues, I felt it was mandatory.

Enemies can now come from any direction (depending on the difficulty), which makes Hard mode into a living nightmare. Try it out if you don't believe me. Otherwise, why would we want to shoot the Star in any of 8 directions?

And this ladies and gentlemen is where around 2/3 months of work (with a full-time job) got me, from a simple concept to a Prototype and finally, a Game.


Alpha (0.6.0) : FFSJAM'18 Play in browser
Feb 03, 2018

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