Star Juggler (0.4.0)

And here it is, version 0.4.0.

It brings along:
- An About panel (with a cute animation)
- The much needed Shop (which shows up after 10 to 30 waves the first time)
- Catching Stars either gives 100% (front-circle) or 50% (back-circle) of the energy spent. Throw at will!
- Several changes when you change the Difficulty (including the prices in the Shop)
- The Star no longer gets bigger after you charge it, just stronger. More Power = Bigger Stars!
- Made 11 new Stars (only used 6 in the game, but that's still a lot of work)

And the following bugs were tackled:
- Stars no longer destroy whatever is where they last disappeared (didn't I fix this earlier?)
- Re-enabled weapon destruction after killing an enemy (they didn't count anyway)
- "Big" enemies now only shoot forward as their laser (with rotation) wasn't hitting anything

I'll tell you, that was harder than expected, adding the Shop was easy enough, just needed to make some sprites but then I kept getting ideas on what to do with those new values. Anyway it was fun and hopefully balanced enough.

Technically it should be called a Pit-Shop since it refills the players' gauge. The currency used is your score! And not even Easy-mode will help you enough to avoid buying upgrades. Have fun ;)

I've been having very interesting ideas but time is running out so I'm going to do the right thing and focus on audio/music this time.
Other than that it's all polish and bug-fixing.


Star Juggler (0.4.0) 10 MB
Jan 31, 2018

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