Star Juggler (0.3.5)

This was mostly testing and balancing. The game got pretty hard though, with Energy pratically evaporating.

- Fixed the Fullscreen button, now it shows the right one (works the same),
- Catching a Star now recovers 100% of its energy (hitting enemies/bullets reduced it so it's rarely 100% anyway),
- Several balancing corrections, like Score gained according to difficulty, pickups showing up more often the harder the game among many others.

The end result makes harder modes make every pickup count and you'll mostly be avoiding enemies as opposed to shooting big Stars to take them all down. It likely needs some incentive for evasion or some way to power the Star up since it's mostly running once you run out of Energy.


Star Juggler (0.3.5) 10 MB
Jan 26, 2018

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