Star Juggler (0.3.4)

While I did make version 0.3.3 I forgot to submit it so here's the differences from both:


  - Made the Star active and catchable during most of its movement
  - Picking the Star up when it's circling back only gives half the Energy
  - Re-enabled the Menu and it was about time! This was already done several versions ago in the time between Jams.
  - Music stops on GameOver
  - Added a catch sound (reversed the throw one)

  - Added a background to the Game.
  - Set the Volume to 100% by default
  - Difficulty now influence several details (Easy is the closest to earlier versions)

And here's some screenshots (no gifs because having a moving background makes them huge):


Star Juggler (0.3.4) 10 MB
Jan 25, 2018

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