Star Juggler 0.2.5

It's been a while but I've been busy fixing several bugs. Some of which I noticed back in the Prototype!
So here's a list, with each day specified:

2018-01-08 | 0.2.5
    - Fixed: A Star was shot right after pushing "Replay"
    - Fixed: This was actually several bugs, seems the body of the Stars' had several issues with its size and position.
    - Fixed: Enemy bullets disappear when they enter the area the Star was in before it disappeared.
    - Changed the regeneration rates to 4 sec/emergy and 16 sec/shield.

  - Adjusted the colors/shapes of the new Stars.
  - Enabled the coloring of the Star (tint).
  - Fixed: The Star moved when touching the Player.
  - Changed the Star update into two timers: rotate and move (circle animation) for more control over their speeds.
  - Made sure the alpha was changed after the Star was gone (drain if alpha<0).
  - Fixed: If a Star was shot again while it was doing the back circle, the new one continues its animation.
  - Fixed: Some enemies are immortal (it was a case of calculations with an undefined variable).

    - Finished making 5 of the new Stars (5 to 13px). This isn't a final design but it gets the point across.
    - Fixed: The sprites are cramped (as in some pixels are missing) on certain positions.
    - Moved the version text to the top-left. The reason will become clear later on.
    - Reduced the energy gained from catching a Star (80% of its remaining energy)

    - As having PhaserJS rotate things is a problem when trying to get pixel-perfect graphics. I created new Stars, each rotating in its spritesheet.

With that out of the way I can finally move forward. Maybe I'll start by making nicer Stars.


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Jan 08, 2018

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