Star Juggler 0.2.3

I've been working on this project since the Prototype which I made in August, 2017.

During this time I've finished the menu and made some corrections,.
The Gauge can now go from 10 to 24. Nearly half the screen in the 64x64 area!
I also added Armor, which is below the Shield bar. This is one doesn't regenerate.

So far most changes where in the menu, so I hid it to focus on the game itself.
There's a lot of work to do but I will to make it in time!


Star Juggler (0.2.3-Menu) 683 kB
Jan 04, 2018

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Today I explored Electron to bundle the Website into an Application.

My first attempt had over 1 Gb because it included a full copy of the project folder.
I then switched to Electron-Builder which ignores the dev-dependencies and bundles everything into a single file.
The end-result was a little over 60 Mb but, in comparison, it's far smaller.