Spisix 0.0.5

And here it is, the complete Prototype. Making this was very fun, a nice (longer than expected) break.
This time I added sound effects and (short and annoyingly) music! I also retouched the level designs and added a basic ending.

One especially particular effect I noticed is that the first dream (walls only) sounds like popcorn popping as Spizzy hits the walls at full strength.

Despite the unexpected issues (PhaserJS never ceases to amaze me) I'd say that it has decent game-play.
Much like in my other games, perfectionism can really side-track my objectives. Thankfully, I was able to do almost everything I wanted.

In case you're curious, by "perfectionism" I'm talking about the desire to add things like a menu, a different song per dream as well as loading level layouts from json.
But time is always tight so maybe someday, maybe never. Dream on Spizzy, dream on.

PS: I forgot to mention, Spisix comes from Spiffy Physics. I later changed Spiffy to Spizzy and here we are.


Spisix 0.0.5 903 kB
May 08, 2018

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