Spisix 0.0.3

And so I finally got deep into coding and boy was that fun. Sure I still needed to edit some graphical details but coding and seeing what is being made build up is quite satisfying.

So, what changed?
- You can now spin (charge) Spizzy and launch her at the walls, cracking them if you hit them with enough strength,
- Cracking walls 4 times breaks them (for now),
- Escaping through a broken wall now shows a 'Game Over' message.

PhaserJS might not make the prettiest rotations, especially since it's a small sprite and I can't smooth it due to the 4 color maximum but it gets the point across.
Note that I skipped the cute intro on this version since I was testing the gameplay but it will be back. :)


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May 07, 2018

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