Spisix 0.0.2

I've been thinking of making a game like this for a while (spin and shoot to break walls). Of course, Spizzy was made after I joined the Mini-Jam. I needed something that could fit in a ball and found pictures of a curled up fox. Needless to say, it wasn't long before I had an icon and tons of ideas but the core is as simple as ever.

A few issues that delayed me:
- An image appears before the canvas is scaled, I had noticed this long ago as it happens in all my scaled games.
- The Loader was jumping from empty to full, this was clearly due to loading quite fast. Needless to say, it was silly to try and test it out for fear of it having a show-stopping issue.
- I used OnInputDown to make sure that the player clicked on Spizzy to wake her up but it only got one event and then I had to click out and back in. An unexpected ocurrence, and I still don't know what happened. I should have moved on to clicking the screen (which I did) as I needed that for the game anyway.
- Itch.io being unable to upload, it worked today though. Heavy load?

Anyway, after solving or bypassing those issues I finally got Spizzy sleeping and the player can click on her (several times) to wake her up.


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May 06, 2018

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