3rd Day: Got a Menu

ThirdLet's start with some context: The Godot 2MB Challenge Jam started on the 15th of April, a day after I published the DyNo Example. Coincidence? Probably, but it caught my eye.
DyNo is my Visual Novel engine and there's a lot that I wanted to add it. Plus it gives me a goal: Make a Visual Novel that is smaller than 2 MB.

So here's the run-down of what I've been doing since:

Day 1:

  • Came up with the name, some ideas of what to aiming for, etc. It'll be a Visual Novel about Dinosaurs, either in a parallel Universe or before the calamity that exterminated them (in a modern urban environment)
  • Thought of tons of names for characters, that was fun

Day 2: 

  • Created the initial Menu and started making some art for it. Spent a lot of time testing and learning how to making a scrolling background  without needing 2 images. Note: Sprites are fine for scrolling backgrounds (use its region and backtrack accordingly).
  • The City scrolling has 3 times the width of the window yet it goes by so fast. Must be because I move it at 10px/frame

Day 3:

  • Added buttons, the version indicator and got every event ready
  • Set a boot splash image, and realized that exporting to HTML5 either doesn't show it or it loads too fast
  • Reduced the sizes of my assets (this will be important to start early)
    • Removed unnecessary versions of the font: 459.9 KB => 113.6 KB
      • Use only 1 font with many variations
      • Add them back only if needed
    • Use SVGs instead of PNGs (Menu Background+City): 1.3 MB => 15.7 KB
      • You have to be careful though, Godots' support of SVGs is limited
    • Reduce the number of colors in PNGs (Menu Title+Boot): 150.7 KB => 33.2 KB
      • Something I always do on any asset that doesn't have a lot of colors
      • You can do it in GIMP with Image > Mode > Indexed

So here we are, 3 days and I have a working Menu template under 180 KB. That's smaller than my snake-clone (over 300 KB), yikes! It's actually because of the font (Hack-Bold) since it supports a wide range of characters. Everything else takes less than 10 KB.


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Apr 17, 2019

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