Daily Quests 0.15

Finally closing things up, there are several fetch Quests from Yous' parents.

Things are no longer left on when parents stop using them,
Made some functions to avoid a lot of the duplication in the code,
Added 3 channels to the Television. Hurray for overly simple moving images. Oh and it slowly increases Joy.
Only 1 person can be at the Bathroom now (naughty bug),
Both pressing 'x' and Escape now exit or return a Device,
Parents can no longer hoard the Bathroom for more than 5 seconds.

I'd say I achieved all I wanted for the game and it's time to think of adding music/sound effects.
This game makes Daily Life seem as boring as I could make it.


Daily Quests 0.15 20 kB
Aug 07, 2018
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Version 15 Aug 07, 2018

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